Aiden: One Year

Monday, August 29, 2016

One year old. We're here already. How? I'm not even going to try to think of something mushy or funny to say about how the time has flown and how much we love her. Go find a better writer and read what they have to say about the first year of motherhood, I bet my feelings are pretty similar.

  • She took her first step on August 3 at my mom's house and officially started walking on August 24 - the day before her birthday! 
  • She talks all day long, and I finally got a "mama" out of her! She's speaking her own language for the most part, but definitely trying to communicate. Lately we've gotten a lot of "this", and she just recently started saying "hi".
  • Speaking of "hi", she's an expert waver. She's still a little wary to wave to new people, but then sometimes she'll sit at a restaurant and just wave to every single person who walks by. She's a joy.
  • She gives the best open-mouth kisses. Oh, they're the best.
  • She still has the greatest laugh.
  • She loves to drink water out of our cup, and really loves to stick her hands in it. If she can, she'll grab ice from the cup and eat it. Weirdo.
  • She also really loves to drink water in the bathtub. Except she fills the cup to the top and then tries to chug it. Basically, she water boards herself and then freaks out.
  • She's still a great eater, but has discovered she can stand up in her highchair if we don't strap her down. She also stands up in the grocery cart and will only sit down if I go running through the aisles. Literally. I look ridiculous. She's a mess.
  • If she has a free moment when Adam or I are preoccupied, she makes a beeline for the dog food and water bowl. I finally decided to just let her eat the dog food (cool parenting moment!), but she likes it! 
  • If we take the dog food and water bowl away from her, she will (sometimes) go play quietly with her toys...for maybe 2 minutes. But it's the sweetest thing to watch. Such a big girl!
  • Adam discovered that she loves a good back scratch. It's hilarious, and the only time she sits still.
  • I don't know what's going on, but she is mosquito bait. The poor thing is always covered in mosquito bites! I'd love to quarantine her inside, but she loves to be outside. More bug spray it is!
  • She has started to remember certain surroundings. When we walk up to the park she starts squealing, kicking her legs and flailing her arms because she knows she gets to swing. She does the same thing when we drive up the hill to my parents' house. Genius, I tell ya!
  • She had her first "temper tantrum" at Target the other week. As I mentioned above, she won't sit still and has to stand up in any cart she's in. I let her out of the cart to play with boxes of thank you notes and when it was time to go I picked her up and put all of the boxes away. She was NOT HAPPY. It was the first time I really noticed that she was angry because I took something away from her. Oh, boy. Here we go.
  • We celebrated her "Wild One" birthday on August 20! I'll post more on that later.
  • She received an A+ at her one year visit to the pediatrician! She's weighing in at 20lbs 14oz (65%) and is 29.25" tall (50%). She also has two molars (top and bottom left), bringing her tooth count to ten!
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Other than her brief temper tantrum, she is truly the happiest baby. People comment all the time and ask if she's always this happy. Our answer is "yes!" I can't believe we've had the joy of having this chick in our lives for an entire year. Wow. We love you, AG. You are the brightest star and we're so proud that you're ours.

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