Go Dawgs (I guess?)

Monday, September 29, 2014

This past weekend Adam and I had been planning to attend the UGA vs. Tennessee football game. I didn't go to school in the SEC and I'm not a huge football buff, but I was excited to go for the whole experience! We were supposed to go with a couple friends who actually went/played for UGA, but at 10pm on Friday they had to bail. Yikes! We weren't able to find anyone to use the extra tickets, so Adam and I were up bright and early on Saturday and headed out to Athens at 6am. We arrived before traffic (the game was at noon - boo!), so we bought some beers and a cooler and headed out to make friends.

Tailgate #1 - Awkwardly standing near an unwelcoming group. 

Anyone? Anyone?

Tailgate #2 - Old man who walked away when we asked if we could be friends. Let's make it more awkward by taking a selfie!

It took us three tailgates to finally find some southern hospitality. Chris (on the left) and his wife, Brittany, were just hanging out by themselves under a tent when we walked up. They were the first people to actually strike up a conversation and were super nice (they even forced us to eat their Chick Fil A). They had a huge group of friends that met up with them, but it worked out because they just thought we were new people of the group. BINGO.

Woo! We did it!

We sat way up high, but it was actually nice because we were seated almost the whole time and could see the whole field! I even used the word "lateral" correctly and Adam was super impressed.

Go Dawgs! (And Adam's whistle!)

No day is complete without sending some kisses to our Jude!

We've heard horror stories about the traffic after games, so we headed out in the 4th quarter and breezed back into Marietta. The day went from potential disaster to super fun day date - and I'm glad it was with that goober husband of mine!

Speaking of Jude... (because when are we not?). Adam and I visited the little munchkin and his parents on Sunday afternoon. 

Here he is, ready for a diaper change because he peed on Adam!! I knew I loved this kid!

And then he was super embarrassed for peeing on his favorite uncle, so he hid in his shoulder. Just kidding. (But how adorable is this picture?)

Look, I'm back on the recipe track! It's happening, people. I made these the other night, but used ground turkey instead of shrimp. I made the mistake of using (way too much) ancho chipotle chile powder instead of what's listed here. It was a little spicccyyyy. (Which I love, but poor Adam was dying.) Definitely a keeper, but maybe next time I'll actually stick to the recipe.

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