Anatomy Scan: 19 Weeks

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Yesterday I got the last glimpse of our little girl before she's in my arms! Contrary to popular belief, you typically only get two ultrasounds during pregnancy. I was lucky enough to get four (one when my doctor was just being nice and then the gender ultrasound we paid for), but typically the mid-pregnancy ultrasound is your second and final one. Pretty crazy!

Since Adam had to work (and he was with me when we found out she was a she), we decided to invite my mom to join me for this one. She was so excited! I also made her videotape the whole thing since Adam couldn't make it, but we can't figure out how to upload the video (anywhere!) because it's so big. 

The point of yesterday's scan was to make sure she's on track growth-wise and to check for any markers for chromosomal and/or genetic disorders. This is also typically the time you find out the sex of your baby - I can't imagine waiting that long! The first thing our tech asked us was if we wanted to know the gender and I told her we already knew. She told us not to tell her, but of course mom ruined that within the first 30 seconds. Haha. This time baby girl cooperated and she could tell almost immediately that our little babe is still a girl!

The key areas they measure are her femur, her heart, the size of her abdomen and the size of her head. (I meant to ask the doctor why these measurements specifically, but forgot. Oops.) We had the same tech as our 11 week ultrasound and she was wonderful! She walked us through everything we were seeing and all the measurements. Baby girl was pretty low-key most of the time, which was pretty helpful for the tech - she didn't have to work around a wiggle worm! The tech pointed out her two kidneys, her stomach, her bladder and we got to listen to her heart (154!) for a good bit. We got a frontal view of her face (which was honestly kind of creepy) and we could see her mouth moving. Just like mama! :) The tech also pointed out both of her legs, her little feet, her arms and her tiny fingers!

I knew the tech wouldn't actually tell us anything about the measurements, so I was eager to meet with the doctor shortly after the ultrasound. While we were waiting, I met another woman who is due the same day as me with a little girl! Maybe they'll be best friends. :)

I met with a new doctor this time, Dr. Kelley, and I loved him! He walked us through her measurements and explained how they put them into an equation and that our little girl looks perfect! Everything from her measurements, to the amniotic fluid, to the size of the placenta… everything is right on track! I was 19 Weeks 0 Days at the appointment and he said she's measuring 19 Weeks 2 Days, within 48 hours of my due date! He also said it may be a little while until I really feel her move around because my placenta is in the front, which isn't any kind of issue - it just happened to implant in the front and now acts as a squishy shield from her kicks. 

He did mention to not start eating for two, etc, etc. So of course I secretly freaked out and asked how much weight I'd gained (which he actually didn't know). He came back and said I'd gained "a measly 7 pounds in two months, go drink a milkshake." He also said "you're doing this whole pregnancy thing beautifully." So maybe that's really why I love him! 

I was surprised with myself that I had zero anxiety before the appointment. I just felt really at peace and knew everything was in God's hands and that it was going to go well. And look at that - it couldn't have gone any better!

Here are the last pictures of our sweet girl until we hold her! Isn't she just the cutest??

19 Weeks: March 24

Baby's the size of a: Mango and the nerve cells for her sense of taste, hearing, sight and smell are developing in her brain.

Weight Gain since last appointment: 4 pounds (Total: 6 pounds)

Sleep: I spend most nights tossing back and forth, so I finally caved and bought one of those Snoogle body pillows. Hopefully it will help out! Sleeping only gets worse, so I'd love to get some quality zzz's for at least the next couple months.

Best moment of this week: Hearing the great news from the doctor! Our little girl is healthy as can be!

Miss anything: Sugar Free Red Bull

Food cravings: Sweets! And french fries sound good at all times.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Leftovers.

Symptoms: I started to feel her moving around last week! (It basically just feels like butterflies in your stomach.) I've felt her about once a day since last Wednesday, so it's always something fun to look forward to.

Have you started to show yet: I think it's probably time for me to remove this question...

Happy or moody most of the time: Pretty happy most of the time! I'll probably be on Cloud 9 once the weather is consistently pleasant.

Looking forward to: Baby girl getting strong enough that Adam can feel her moving around!

And may I introduce you to my new friend, Snoogle? (See above.) Adam laughs every time I get into bed, but it's so comfy. I just keep waking up in the middle of the night kind of tangled in it. I'm sure I'll eventually adjust… or not. Either way, it's so comfortable.

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