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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Adam and I are beyond thrilled to announce that we're having a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! We can't believe it! (I literally said "I can't believe it" at least 50 times the night we found out.) We also barely slept at all the night we found out. We just kept laying there saying "It's a girl! We're having a little girl!"

Our doctor won't do any type of early gender ultrasound, because insurance technically only pays for two ultrasounds - the pregnancy confirmation and full anatomy scan. After a great 15 week checkup with the doctor on Tuesday, Feb 24 we scheduled a gender ultrasound at Baby's First Images for Wednesday, Feb 25. Thanks to the huge "snow storm" they expected on Wednesday, our appointment was pushed back until Thursday. I didn't let myself get bummed out because I know it alllll happens for a reason. And now we're pretty thankful because there's no way we could have kept this a secret for a whole other day! (We didn't tell our family or friends until Saturday!)

Of course, I did my research to see if there's anything I could do to make sure the babe cooperated. I chugged water all day, because I read it's best if you have a full bladder. Of course, once I got there they asked me to use the restroom because I need an empty bladder. Turns out the full bladder is for the anatomy scan I get at the doctor's office - oops. I literally peed three times in the 10 minutes we waited.

I've also heard that baby's are most active when you're still and that you kind of "rock" them to sleep when you're walking or exercising. Knowing that, I spent a good chunk of my morning in the gym so the babe could be nice and rested by our appointment at 8:15pm.

Well, as soon as the ultrasound tech put the wand on my belly, we could see her moving all around….but sitting breach. Which means she was literally just sitting on my pelvis. Aka - the worst position to tell the gender. Our tech (who we loved!) had me get up and run in place, jump around, fake cough and body slam the table with my butt - all to get her to move. The second time I got up to run around, I literally put the baby right to sleep. She kept poking her with the wand to try to get her to move and it was kind of hilarious because our stubborn girl would not. After about 10 minutes, little one started to cooperate a little bit and the tech said she had an idea, but needed a couple more looks before she would call it. Adam actually asked her the percentage of her confidence, but she said she wouldn't say anything unless she was positive. I loved that! She said "The umbilical cord is in the way" and then a couple minutes later referred to baby as a "he", so we totally thought it was a boy. And after about 20 minutes she said "Ok… it's a girl!" I think my first words were "Oh my gosh!! I totally thought it was a boy! I can't believe it! Oh my gosh, I'm going to spend so much money!" She then went back through the video and showed us the two or three places where she knew it was a girl, which I also loved!

The most exciting moment was (obviously) hearing that we were having a little girl(!!!!), but it was also amazing to see how much she's grown! When she first popped on the screen, she had her hand by her face and you could see all her fingers and even the joints in her fingers! We could see her long legs (that she had crossed at the ankles for awhile, because she's a little lady), her cute little face, and even her spine! The tech let us listen to her heart beat for awhile, and it was crazy to actually see it beating in her chest on the screen!

Overall, we had an amazing experience! Plus it only cost $30! (We could have paid an additional $20 for pictures, but opted out.) I highly recommend Baby's First Images if you're impatient like me and can't wait an additional four weeks to find out at the doctor's office. :)

Of course, we went straight to Buy Buy Baby to buy her first official girl outfits! I had to tell everyone we saw in the store our exciting news, and everyone was so sweet!

Earlier in the day, my mom said she and dad went to Chili's after they found out Mitchell was a boy - and that got Chili's in my head, so that's where we celebrated! (I don't know if it's because I've stopped taking Diclegis, or I was just so nervous/excited/couldn't believe it, but I threw up on the way to dinner. You stay classy, Mom.)

 Adam was so proud of his choices! He couldn't believe how tiny the little shoes and headband are!

This girl is going to have so many tutus!

15 Weeks… a GIRL!!

15 Weeks: February 24

Baby's the size of a: Orange and practicing her breathing movements!

Weight gain since last appointment: 3 pounds (Total: 2 pounds)

Sleep: Still sleeping pretty well, except for the occasional heartburn.

Best moment of this week: IT'S A GIRL!

Miss anything: Sugar Free Red Bull.

Food cravings: Nothing in particular.

Anything making you queasy or sick: My doctor told me I could stop taking Diclegis (yay!), but I've thrown up everyday since. I honestly feel fine, except I have to run to the bathroom every once in awhile. I'm hoping it's my body just getting used to being off the meds, because I'd rather not get back on them.

Symptoms: See above. Other than that, not really.

Have you started to show yet: Can ya see it? Can ya see it?? But for real, when I lay down I have a huge bump, but it goes down (for the most part) as soon as I stand up.

Gender: IT'S A GIRL!!

Happy or moody most of the time: Over the moon since we found out it's a girl!

Looking forward to: Sharing the news with all of our friends and family!

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