It's Baby Month!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Holy cow, it's AUGUST. We're having a BABY this month! Not too much to report from the last week. It's kind of funny, because starting from about the halfway point of the pregnancy on I kept saying I'd do everything the first weekend of August. Then I realized… the first weekend of August is only two days. Maybe I should break this up? And then without even noticing, we were in the first weekend of August and officially had NO plans!

Adam heading off to softball! His game ended up getting cancelled, but he was definitely the best looking one.

Adam is so adorable. I woke up on July 31 to this message written on the mirror. WE ARE IN THE TEENS! (Until her due date!) We finally started packing our hospital bag this week, so we've got that going for us.

Silly me, since we had no plans all weekend I thought we were going to lounge around and watch movies. Well, I did that. Adam literally spent 8 hours working on our front yard. It looks so amazing!

A little bare, but much better than the weed-filled chaos that used to be there! I really wish I had a before picture.

We headed over to the Bakers after church on Sunday to see the Meldrums (yay!!!) and pick up Adam's car. And, as always, it's the highlight of my day when I get to see this little goober! He had actually just dropped his toy in this picture, but it kind of looks like we're looking at my belly… so we'll go with that.

I asked him for a kiss and got a face plant. I love him so much!

Well, that's about all we've got for this week. I did finally take some pictures of the nursery, so stay tuned!

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