39 - 40 Weeks

Friday, August 28, 2015

Week 39: August 11

Baby's the size of a: Watermelon and she won't do much more growing between now and her arrival! However, her brain is growing at a crazy rate (a pace that will continue for the first three years).

Weight gain since last appointment: -1 pound (Total…I guess I subtract? That seems weird: 32 pounds)

Baby's heart rate and any appointment updates: Forgot to ask, but sounds great and she's in a good position! The nurse said "Oh, you lost a pound! You may be having that baby soon!" And of course that was annoying, because now I can't help but think she'll arrive at any time now.

Sleep: It's harder to get back to sleep each time I get up to pee... My mind has been racing!

Best moment of this week: The Meldrums were in town! And one of our new neighbor friends hosted a little Mom's Tea on Sunday, so I got to meet other mom's in the neighborhood. Including our neighbor two doors down who has a nine-day-old little girl. Her due date was Aug 22 (after me!), but she came three weeks early. I just kept staring at her thinking "That is literally inside me right now". We finally installed the car seat, too!

Miss anything: I'm ready for a nice, cool glass of wine!

Food cravings: Sweets. :)

Symptoms: Still feeling pretty great, but starting to get uncomfortable and my feet are pretty swollen at the end of the day. She must have adjusted herself, because I have to pee ALL the time now. I got my first "Is it twins? There's only ONE in there??" comment last night. Neat.

Looking forward to: Meeting her!! It's crazy to think it really could be any day. I'm still not too anxious, it's just the unknown that's annoying! Adam is about to lose his mind, he wants her here two weeks ago.

Week 40: August 18 (DUE DATE!!!)

Baby's the size of a: Baby and I'm ready for her to come out. (I'm not even going to make the effort to see what weird fruit my app says she is this week.)

Weight gain since last appointment: -2 pounds (Total: 30 pounds)

Baby's heart rate and any appointment updates: Her heart sounds great, and she's still measuring on the small side of normal. Apparently she just can't be bothered to come join us! I go again for a BPP (biophysical profile) ultrasound on Friday (Aug 21) if she's still not here. As my midwife said… "Hopefully we don't see you!" They'll let me go a full two weeks past my due date, so we've spent a lot of time praying that she makes her debut before that.

Sleep: The past couple nights have been terrible. I get up to pee and my mind won't stop racing so I'm up for a few hours. I try to spend the time chatting with God about giving me the strength and patience to wait on His perfect timing.

Best moment of this week: We've had August 18 marked with a red heart on our calendar since December! It's crazy that the day is finally here (and now gone… still no baby).

Miss anything: My brain doesn't have room to do anything but wish she was here already!

Food cravings: Nothing in particular.

Symptoms: I had some pretty consistent cramping over the weekend, so we figured she'd be making her appearance pretty soon. Of course, I haven't had any since Sunday (it's now Wednesday). Every little twinge I feel, I hope is the beginning of contractions - but so far, nada. Monday was a bad day, I couldn't get out of a bad mood and was just so sad that she is never going to show up. Then yesterday was awesome! I was in a great mood all day, with tons of energy. Apparently this roller coaster of emotions is a sign her arrival is near, so I'll take it. The anxiety of the unknown is what's so hard. I could have a contraction right now, or I could have one in a week - there's no telling! Poor Adam is close to losing his damn mind. OH, my favorite part! I got my first stretch mark this week. THIS WEEK. I couldn't help but laugh.

Looking forward to: HER BEING HERE ALREADY!!!

Dr Appt on Friday, 8/21: Adam joined me at the follow up doctor's appointment, because we knew we were getting an ultrasound. She looked fabulous and was measuring just as perfect as can be. According to all the measurements, she's expected to be 7lbs 11oz (although I never take those seriously). We also went ahead and scheduled our induction for next Friday, 8/28. That's when I got a little emotional. I know I have zero control over this whole pregnancy/birth thing, but an induction is not something I want to do! Luckily, my midwife said when I come in for my next appointment on Tuesday (Aug 25) I can always push back the induction to the following Tuesday (Sept 1). She also checked me for the first time - since I didn't want to be checked prior to checking in to the hospital - and I'm "barely dilated at all". Which I'm sure is her way of saying "nope, not at all". Yay.

Here's some cute photos of the babe from the ultrasound! This is looking up at her lips and nose.

And here's her little profile! 

Ok, sweet girl. Come on out!

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