The Baby Wait Continues...

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Here's to hoping this is my last blog post before the babe! I'll make it short and sweet.

Adam and I celebrated our final pre-baby date night at JCT Kitchen on August 13. We ate just about everything on the menu, and it was so nice to get all fancy and go out. This pregnancy has brought us closer than ever, and my heart could just burst when I think about how much I love him! He has gone above and beyond to make this experience so amazing (for all of us!), and I can't wait to see him as a Daddy. Now I'm going to go cry.

Since we don't know how long this sweets phase will last, we tried out Ray's Donuts on Saturday morning. The line was out the door!

My company sponsored the annual Give Me Five event on Sunday, and I gave away all my sponsor tickets because I figured I'd either have a baby or would not want to deal with people so close to my due date! Allison had extra seats available and asked if I wanted to attend at the last minute, and I figured I might as well keep myself busy. Adam had a tennis match, so Mom came with me! (And I totally look massively pregnant in this pic. Oh, well.)

And now we wait! Every time I start feeling anxious, I repeat my mantra…. "Father, give me the strength and patience to know that Your timing is perfect. She WILL show up. Eventually." 

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