36 - 38 Weeks

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Week 36: July 21

Baby's the size of a: Large cantaloupe and all of her organs and systems are ready to go, except for her lungs!

Weight gain since last appointment (I go every week now!): None (Total: 27 pounds)

Baby's heart rate and any appointment updates: About 155 and everything sounds great! I'm measuring a little small, but still within normal range. Discussed our birth plan with the midwife, so we can cross that one off the list! Baby girl is OP (sunny side up), so I've been instructed to do even more pelvic rocks to try to coax her to adjust.

Sleep: It's still been pretty great! I toss and turn most of the night and get up a couple times to pee, but nothing too annoying.

Best moment of this week: Our babymoon!

Miss anything: Nope, not even at the lake. I just made myself a couple fun mocktails and I was set.

Food cravings: Still just sweets. Sunday was National Ice Cream Day, which Adam and I obviously participated in. 

Symptoms: I feel like I have to pee every time I stand up, and this whole basketball thing sitting in front of me is starting to get in the way. However, I'm still able to walk for about 30 minutes a day and feeling good.

Looking forward to: The final countdown! Can't believe we're a month out!

We took a CPR class last week and definitely feel more prepared if something were to happen! Everyone in there was pregnant or had a newborn, and we had to go around the room and say why we decided to take the class. Of course, Adam responded with "I'm just here to play with the mannequins." 

Week 37: July 28

Baby's the size of a: Winter melon (they're really reaching here) and her lungs are mature! If she was born now, she most likely wouldn't have to spend any time in the NICU!

Weight gain since last appointment: 4 pounds - bahaha, oops. (Total: 31 pounds)

Baby's heart rate and any appointment updates: I forgot to ask again, but it was nice and strong! Baby can come at any time now, so we walked through the process once I go into labor. Baby girl is in a good position! All of those pelvic rocks seemed to work - yay! Can't believe how close we are! We should probably pack our bags and install that carseat soon...

Sleep: Getting up more to pee and tossing and turning, but still pretty good!

Best moment of this week: My birthday, of course!

Miss anything: A glass of Sauvignon Blanc on my birthday.

Food cravings: Still sweets! Luckily, it was my birthday week so I had even more of an excuse.

Symptoms: Starting to get uncomfortable, but nothing too crazy.

Looking forward to: Soaking in these last few weeks with just me, Adam and the pups!

Week 38: August 4

Baby's the size of a: Pumpkin and there's not much to report from here on out. She's just hanging out and plumping up until she's ready to make her debut!

Weight gain since last appointment: 2 pounds (Total: 33 pounds)

Baby's heart rate and any appointment updates: In the 130s. She's still head down and in a good position - woo hoo! She's been hanging out on my right side for about 8-10 weeks (or whenever they started feeling around for her), and this week she swapped and is on my left side. 

Sleep: Just tossing and turning… and peeing. There are a few nights when I wake up and can't get back to sleep for a couple hours, but overall I can't complain.

Best moment of this week: IT'S AUGUST, PEOPLE! We are having a baby THIS MONTH! (Holy cow.)

Miss anything: Ok, I'm ready for a glass of wine! And a nice refreshing cocktail!

Food cravings: Just sweets. Weird.

Symptoms: She seems to have "dropped", which is nice! I can finally breathe again and it doesn't feel like her butt is in my throat. Other than that, just a little uncomfortable from carrying around a human. I'm still able to walk about 35 minutes a day on the treadmill, and when it's nice out (aka - one night this week), we walk the dogs.

Looking forward to: Meeting her! I'm still banking on her being two weeks late, so if she decides to show up anywhere near her due date it will be a pleasant surprise. But it's crazy to think that even that is only four weeks away!

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