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Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Meldrums are in town! Our favorite Iraqis make a trip back to the states every three years, and always make a stop at the Bakers. This time they're in town for a whole three weeks before continuing on their trek around the US. Kristi keeps a blog of all their Iraqi adventures - check it out here

We will have had the privilege of seeing them three times (three is their number, huh??) before they head out, but we only grabbed one picture! Whoops.

We love the Meldrums!

Our puppies rarely snuggle with each other, so I had to snap this pic! (Also, look at Adam in the background - ha.)

My parents bought a crib! It didn't come with instructions, which made for a fun game of tetris. And it only fell apart on top of me once.

We now have three brides in PPSC, and we were way overdue to celebrate! Brunch at Food 101 was a must. Congrats to Alysa and Aimee (and Madi! She got engaged the night before our brunch, but is out in Colorado.)

I attended a fun little Les Dames Scholarship event on Monday night… and was asked if I'm having twins. Really, people? Isn't that like Rule #1 of what not to say to pregnant people?

We are officially ready for baby! (Well, gear-wise.) Adam went to Nathan's work to learn how to install the car seat from a Certified Car Seat Installer. Who knew that was a thing? I love how much he loves getting ready for baby girl!

Ah!! It's real, people!

And the waiting continues...

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