Christmas Surprises

Saturday, February 28, 2015

This Christmas was obviously our favorite one, yet - we had the best Christmas presents for our family! Back in November, I agreed to drive from Fort Worth, TX to Atlanta, GA with my brother's girlfriend, Katie, for Christmas. We did it in 2013 and had a blast (as blast-y as a 13 hour drive can be), so I was all for doing it again. Plus, I love her! Our 2013 drive consisted of over 8 Red Bulls, so I knew I was going to have to tell Katie before the rest of the family. She's a Physician's Assistant - meaning I could also spend all 13 hours asking her a billion questions (which I actually didn't). But ok, Katie found out first. Moving on!

We decided to do the big reveals on Christmas Eve, since that's when it's the quiet time with just the family and not all the extended aunts, uncles, friends, etc. that we knew would be around on Christmas Day.

Up first, the Reaves! We had timed this out perfectly, but my dad unknowingly tried to ruin our plans. He was dead asleep taking a nap. I woke up him from his deep, deep slumber - so he was half awake when the news broke. We bought them both funny children's books for them to open. I tried to post the video, but it's not working. Boo. (UPDATE: Thank you Adam for reminding me of another way to upload the videos!) You can view the video HERE:

Next, up the Bakers! For this, we waited until after we opened our Christmas presents (and were ambushed with "Are you sure there isn't another present?? Like a BABY??" questions). Then I asked if I could put Jude in a onesie I bought him in NYC, but really I put him in this. Adam is a huge UGA fan (I think we've established that) and Nathan went to Georgia Tech, so there's always a fun little rivalry there.

Their reaction was so fun, too! You can view the video HERE:

The next day, we told our family and close friends at Christmas dinner. Needless to say, everyone is thrilled! It also makes it seem much more real! THIS IS HAPPENING!!! You're so loved, Bebe Baker!

I guess I should also include some non-Baby Baker Christmas fun!

Katie and I made sure to take a picture in each state during our 13 hour trek.. in the rain!

And no Christmas is complete without an appearance by Cousin Eddie and Clark Griswold!

Merry Christmas!

Katie's Christmas sweater wins everything.

But Jude was pretty cute, too.

Christmas morning at the Reaves'!

He's obsessed with The Rock.

Pretty sure Karen had to time travel to 2001 to find these bad boys for our stockings!

Mamabear and Papabear looking extra adorable, as always.

We bet Kelsey a pretty penny that she wouldn't embarrass Mitchell on Christmas - now that they're going to be an aunt and uncle (respectively). She won! Here's the evidence:

Oh, yeah. Adam and I went to a Christmas party! We were two of the very few people who dressed up. Oops.

There's a baby in there!

We became puzzle obsessed over the Christmas/NYE break!

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