Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ok, I totally rushed through that last post because the only thing I want to talk about is my NEPHEW! Jude Samuel Causey made his debut at 9:22pm on Saturday, September 20! After an insanely long labor, Meagan ended up having to get a c-section - and she was a total rockstar! (And yes, every sentence in this post is going to end with an exclamation point!)

The midwife finally came out and gave us a thumbs up! Cigars for everyone!

Wendell, I mean PawPaw, is quite the cigar connoisseur and was so excited about these!

Nathan finally came out to personally deliver the amazing news, and told us we would have to wait another 10 minutes or so to see Meagan and the bebe. Of course, at this point it's about 11:00pm and we're all dying of anticipation!

We finally got to the room and Meagan looked amazing! Seriously, I would have guessed she was on a beach vacation. AMAZING! After introducing us to Jude Samuel Causey, it was time to play Pass the Baby! I made sure Adam and I were last - after all, we weren't at the hospital as long as everyone else!

Andddd my heart burst!

 Proud Uncle Adam!!

We love you so much, Jude!!

And now for some other pics Adam snapped... 

Grandma (aka Big Deb) in the role she was born to play!

Aunt Kelsey!

I mean, really? He's so perfect!

The next morning, I walked the dogs and came back to Adam standing at the front door all ready to go and see Jude. We hung out at Starbucks for a bit and then headed up to the hospital to deliver some coffee to the new parents and get some quality snuggling time in before everyone else showed up!

Uncle Adam is kind of obsessed! Who can blame him??

Look who opened his eyes! It's crazy how much more like a little person he looks like with his eyes open.

LOVE HIM!!!!!! I was holding him when he sneezed for the first time, so I'll make sure to remind him of that every day for the rest of his life! Now Adam is determined to be the first one to make him laugh.

And because I obviously can't go longer than a day without seeing my favorite person, ever - I headed back up there last night to hang out with Meagan, Debbie, Carol and the babe!

Hey, Jude!

He has a little jaundice (am I saying that right?), so he had to spend most of the time in this little alien device, but that's ok because I still love staring at him!!

Life's hard!

I did get to feed him and burp him, which was kinda sorta the highlight of my year, so far! Adam was at bible study, so he couldn't join us - needless to say, he was beyond jealous!

How obsessed is too obsessed? The limit does not exist! YOU ARE SO LOVED, JUDE!!!

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