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Monday, September 15, 2014

Still. No. Nephew.  I leave for a business trip tomorrow and won't be back until Friday, so obviously I'm sure he'll make his debut during that window of time. In the meantime, we've managed to keep ourselves busy!

On Wednesday, I joined Allison for Glow Dry's 1st Anniversary Party. In addition to some fun mojitos and a DJ, you could also get a quick hairstyle or makeup fix. I went for the hairstyle, and I looked ridiculous. No offense to my lovely hair lady! Just not my style. (Think Heidi.)

Ruthie and Hank are always fighting over this bone, but they're typically moving too fast for me to get a picture. But BINGO, I got one. They make us laugh.

On Friday, we headed to 57th Fighter Group to celebrate Linda's promotion! Her daughter, Lindsay, and I have been best friends since high school and Linda and Johnny are basically a second set of parents to me. We'll miss them, but excited for their new adventure in DC!
Obviously, our parents are pretty close. After all, they had to deal with two crazy teenagers! :)
Right after the going away party, my parents and I headed to the James Beard: Taste America dinner in Atlanta. Allison had extra tickets and invited us as her dates!

 This is when I wish my parents had signed me up for cotillion - where do I start?

I was lucky enough to meet someone who scored me two tickets to the PGA Tour Championship in Atlanta on Saturday! I figured Adam would come with me, but he had to work. Then I thought I'd take my dad, but he was leaving for Dubai the next day and wanted to hang out at home. So I went to my go-to adventure friend, Madi! We had no idea what we were getting into - we had to google what we were supposed to wear.

They offered free parking at Turner Field, then a shuttle took you to East Lake Golf Club. I was super impressed by how easy everything was. I also hate waiting, so it was nice that they had so many shuttles to and from the golf course that we would just walk right on and go.

We had to ask the PGA-worker-lady who was who. (In my defense, I did pick out Rory McIlroy!) I'm holding Adam Scott, since he has the same name as my hubs I thought it was appropriate.

 Rory! One of very few golfers I know. (And by "know", I mean I know his name.)

After a fun day in the sun, I came home to take a nap while Adam finished the UGA game. Then it was off to date night! We decided on ONE Midtown Kitchen because they're a great client of mine and it was Restaurant Week!

Adam started off with this super cool drink! It was a Jack Daniels and Coke, but the Jack Daniels was infused with peanuts. Then it's poured into this old-timey Coke bottle and topped with peanuts. (I stuck with the ever-boring vodka tonic.)

After dinner, we decided to stop for a quick drink at Meehan's on the way home. And here's the only picture I got of us on our fun date night. FAIL.

Sunday we planned to take it easy and watch the Falcons game, but then Jeff came in town for a couple hours before he had to head up to Pennsylvania. As always, we met him at Taco Mac for a quick lunch before he headed out again. (This was especially crucial because Katie and Kalyn had just sent me a picture of them together in Dallas - so I was experiencing serious FOMO.)

And because I'm now Suzy Homemaker/Career Woman, I'm going to end my posts with recipes I'VE MADE. This is huge. And also may not last long. So listen closely.

Ok, this isn't a joke. This salsa is SO good. I may or may not have eaten all of my sweet potato chips in two days because I couldn't stop. And now it's just sitting in my fridge staring at me because I have nothing to dip it in. Except a fork... That may have happened. Don't judge.

Paleo(ish) Slow Cooker Pot Roast

-1 hunk of meat (See how good I am at measurements and such? I used a Cabernet Beef Pot Roast from Trader Joe's - my newfound Mecca)
-1.5 cups of small, raw carrots
-3 celery stalks, diced or chopped or whatever (Is a stalk one piece of the celery bunch? If so, I used that word right. And I don't know the term for how I cut them. Small-ish?)
-1/2 yellow onion cut up (Again with the cutting techniques.)
-1 cup chicken stock (I was probably supposed to use beef stock, wasn't I?)

1. Brown the roast over the stove for 5 min on each side, Med-High heat
2. Pour chicken stock into slow cooker
3. Add the roast
4. Place carrots around the roast
5. Place onion and celery on top of the roast
6. Cook on High for 5.5 hours (The Roast's packaging said 5-6, so I just decided the middle would work.)

If you leave it there (without reading all of the seasonings that go into the Cabernet Beef Pot Roast) - you've got a paleo meal! Since we had company over, I also cooked wild rice (that I didn't eat, thankyouverymuch). And I probably should have done some sort of bread/roll for them. Regardless, everyone loved it! Definitely keeping this made-up recipe around for chilly/lazy nights.

Pecan Crusted Chicken
While I was at the dinner on Friday, Adam made this bad boy. He said it was delicious - I had some leftovers and have to agree!

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