Paleo 2.0

Friday, September 5, 2014

I've decided to jump back on the Paleo-ish bandwagon, once again. After my summer of yes (meaning "yes" to any and all foods in front of my face), I accidentally stepped on an old scale at the Antique Store with my mom on Monday. I looked down and thought "surely this is just super old", so I made my mom try. For some reason, the woman knows how much she weighs and the number on this antique was the same as her scale at home. Yikes!

Now, I know I could take this post into the whole "weight ain't nothing but a number" direction, BUT after over 10 years I've finally come to the conclusion that it matters to me. I would love to eat whatever I want with no guilt, and not freak out about every imperfection. Really, I would. I read a lot of older celebrities (ha! #reality) say they wish they hadn't cared so much about their body when they were younger. I try to repeat that mantra in my head "Don't waste time worrying about it if you're just going to regret something so stupid in 15-20 years." However, that whole thought process doesn't work for me.

I pick and pick and PICK at my body. I'm sure I could pay a therapist a good chunk of change to try to get me to think otherwise, but I've got better things to do with that money. Like spend it on materialist items.

MOVING right along. Moral of the story - I spend way too much time everyday stressing out over my tummy pooch, and paleo is the only solution that has really made me happy since we tried it out for Lent in 2013. (Minus this whole "summer of yes" hiatus.) I've done pretty well about eating paleo during the week/while I'm at home, and then not really watching what I eat (to an extent) on weekends and when I go out. This week I kicked it back into gear, and made some actual meals! Ok, so I made one actual meal. But still. Baby steps.

My inspiration came from this book Meagan and Nathan let us borrow (that I have since kept - sorry!) when we first started. The intro is like 10 pages long, and I just couldn't be bothered with actually reading it back then. Guess what? Still can't be bothered to read it. But I did make a couple recipes!

After a life changing trip to Trader Joe's (where has this gem been hiding my whole life?!), I made the below Chicken Paleo Piccata recipe along with some broccoli.

 Ta da - It was delicious!

And because I'm a total sucker for chips and salsa, I made this salsa to go along with my sweet potato chips. Another winner (that I have already completely finished - oops).

A quick rundown on why Paleo is the best option for me...
  • No counting calories. As long as it's paleo, you can seriously eat as much of it as you want. (I'm sure there's some "within reason" clause, but I'm ignoring it.)
  • You feel full, but not "I'm-thisclose-to-throwing-up full."
  • I'm more of a snacker, so during the day is easy because I just make sure I keep snacks around.
  • I can find options at restaurants. I'm not super strict about it, so I don't ask waiters what the foods' seasonings are made out of. This leaves me with plenty of options. Any type of meat with a side of veggies? Paleo. Fajitas without all of the fixings and tortillas? Paleo. BBQ without the sauce? Paleo. Burger without the bun and cheese? Paleo.

Well, now that I've put it all out there I guess I have to stick with it. More recipes coming soon! (Assuming this isn't some 4 day recipe kick that I'm going to get tired of by Sunday.)

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