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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Let's see... since my last rambling on Paleo I haven't weighed myself, so who knows how that's going. I do feel much better! (Reminder, I'm only sticking to it during the week. Which means the Lay's and French Onion Dip I devoured during football on Saturday totally doesn't count.)

Speaking of this past weekend... we decided to keep it low key on Friday night and were planning to just sit in front of the TV. However, my parents called and wanted their date night to continue. My dad had never been to Mulligan's, so that was the obvious choice.

Darts for everyone!

After our exciting night out, we decided to top it off with dinner (around midnight or so) at the Marietta Diner. Like I said, just a casual Friday night. The best part was the next morning when I saw the leftovers in our fridge. Apparently my mom thought salisbury steak, alfredo sauce and asparagus sounded like the perfect meal. GROSS.

Saturday we lounged around for most of the day, then headed over to Chris and Alysa's to watch the Ole Miss game. (Adam's favorite, UGA, had a bye week - so we were able to hang out with our Hotty Toddy's).

Sunday was another busy and productive day. After church, we headed over to my parents' for brunch. Mamabear was joining us and it was the first time I'd seen her since she moved into her new Memory Care home. She was in great spirits! And seemed to realize she was supposed to know who I was. We finished just in time to watch the Falcons beat the (I'm sitting here pausing because I can't even remember who they played...let's try Google...ah!) Saints in OT. Then back home it was - Adam promised me he'd have the office finished by Sunday night, so he had some chores to attend to.

Finally...after 7 long months - technically almost two years... our office is FINISHED! (Famous last words, I'm sure I still have some changes to make.)



Adam built me these shelves - aren't they awesome?! I may have him move them a little lower, though. (Sorry, honey!)

Bulletin board... finally!

Adam has so much baseball memorabilia, we had to incorporate it. (Believe me, there is a ton more in the attic.)

I even organized all of my samples for work in the closet so they no longer take up half the room.

Quite a difference from the ladybug wallpaper and shiny walls! Three cheers to Adam for doing this complete overhaul by himself! (And you too, Dave!) We love it!

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