29 - 32 Weeks

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Week 29: June 2

Baby's the size of an: Acorn squash and her kicks are getting stronger thanks to her growing fat deposits (more energy!).

Weight gain since last appointment: 4 pounds (Total: 20 pounds)

Baby's heart rate: 150s

Sleep: It's been pretty good! I'm used to the tossing and turning at this point, and I only get up once to pee.

Best moment of this week: Can I have two? I had my first baby shower and she got the hiccups! I thought I felt them a couple times before, but it was very noticeable when she actually got them. My whole belly shakes and they last for a couple minutes. It's kind of adorable to think of her in there hiccuping.

Miss anything: We went to an air show on Saturday for Jason's birthday, and they were drinking sangria slushies. That certainly looked refreshing!

Food cravings: Still loving sweets, but nothing too specific.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Adam's gross dirty dishes.

Symptoms: Just in the past couple days her kicks have gotten really strong! Earlier today I had the computer on my belly and she kicked so hard it moved the computer. It's been fun to see her move from the outside every once in a while. I haven't had any more episodes of a sore back or neck, which is promising. 

Looking forward to: Getting things organized! Not just her nursery, this whole house. Ay yi yi.

Week 30: June 9

Baby's the size of a: Butternut squash and will be gaining about a half pound per week from here on out! 

Sleep: Pretty good!

Best moment of this week: 30 Weeks - we're in the home stretch! (How many times can I say home stretch? Unlimited? Good.)

Miss anything: Nope.

Food cravings: Nothing in particular this week.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.

Symptoms: Her kicks are getting stronger, which is fun!

Looking forward to: Getting her nursery all set! My showers have been so fun, and now I'm just anxious to put everything in its place. (And to just finish the nursery, altogether.)

Week 31: June 16

Baby's the size of a: Coconut and all of her senses are fully developed!

Weight gain since last appointment: 1 pound (Total: 21 pounds)

Baby's heart rate: 130

Sleep: Still pretty decent.

Best moment of this week: Home girl wasn't moving much yesterday, but then got super active at night. At each doctor appointment they're very interested in baby's movement, because any decrease could mean a potential problem. I mentioned the above just to let them know and the doctor said since I was already in the office she'd like to go ahead and do an ultrasound just to make sure everything looked ok (her fluids, growth, etc.). I'M OK WITH THAT! So I got to see our sweet girl again! Everything looked great and she was moving and grooving. She's currently head down and laying on my right side - and is already 3lbs 15oz! (The weight measurements can be pretty off, so I took it with a grain of salt.) I got to see the front of her face and even saw her eyes and mouth moving - and she blinked a few times. It was pretty crazy to see! And she's so big! It was hard to really see what the tech was looking at/measuring because she takes up the whole screen! We're so thrilled that she continues to grow on track (I'm currently measuring 3 days early - which, again, doesn't mean much) and healthy! Two more months, sweet girl!!

This is looking into her face. You can see one of her eyes toward the top right of the picture, and her other eye is kind of in the shadow. The weird jellyfish looking thing is her umbilical cord. Such a cutie!!

Miss anything: Nothing in particular this week.

Food cravings: I'm pretty sure I've had enough chocolate in the past few days to last the rest of the pregnancy. Between cake, cupcakes, cookies… yikes! (But so good.)

Symptoms: Oof, I had my first terrible experience with heartburn this week. Apparently baby girl isn't a fan of movie theatre popcorn. It HURT.

Looking forward to: St. Louis with Adam's family this weekend! I'm hoping they upgrade me to first class when they see my belly. :)

Week 32: June 23

Baby's the size of a: Head of lettuce and about 4 pounds! From here on out she's basically just putting on weight and practicing for life outside her waterbed - breathing, sucking, swallowing, kicking, etc.

Sleep: I can't complain! 

Best moment of this week: Spending time with family in St. Louis! Also, she finally let someone other than me and Adam feel her! Aunt Kelsey was the first one to feel her kick, followed by Aunt Meagan the next night, and Grandma got to feel her hiccups the next morning! It was kind of hilarious because everyone was crowding around my tummy trying to get her to kick on Saturday night, but she was being super stubborn. So of course that was the first night she woke me up from kicking so hard. Guess she was saving all her kicks up for me.

Miss anything: Nope. 

Food cravings: Still throwing back those sweets like it's nobody's business. I was especially fond of the cookie cake at our shower on Saturday. Yummmm.

Symptoms: It's pretty obvious she's running out of room in there. Her movements have gone from sharp karate kicks to bigger jabs, and I can feel just about any movement she makes (adjusting, rolling, etc.). I think I've had a few Braxton Hicks contractions, but not sure. 

Looking forward to: Soaking in these last weeks before she gets here! 

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