Meet Me in St. Louis!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

How's that for a creative blog title?! Except not really. Except kind of, because we really did go to St. Louis this weekend! This weekend had been on the calendar for quite some time, and Adam and I were excited to see all of his family and to celebrate baby girl!

I arrived Thursday afternoon, and after a dinner of Imo's Pizza we all just kind of lounged around until bedtime. On Friday, we all headed to the mall to meet up with Amy, Erica and their kiddos. With Jude, Isaac, Colin and Graham the adults were almost outnumbered! Next time we visit, there will be a little girl in tow, too. :)

And I guess this is the only picture I got of the mall? Hi, Colin! (He's hilarious and a genius, by the way.)

Friday night, all of us "semi-adults" headed out for dinner at Rigazzi's on the Hill while the "real adults" watched the little ones. It was so fun to spend time with Amy and Erica! Whenever we're together it's typically at some function, so I rarely get to just hang out with them. We headed to Ted Drewe's after dinner, because it's kind of an unspoken rule that you have to eat as much Ted Drewe's as possible when in St. Louis. Brownie Hot Fudge concrete for me, please! Thank you for the rec, Tim!

Kelsey and I headed off to the airport after our concrete coma to pick up Adam! AND SHE FELT BABY GIRL KICK!!! I was so proud of her for finally showing off for her Aunt Kelsey! She then proceeded to kick Aunt Meagan on Saturday night, and got the hiccups for Grandma on Sunday morning. Yay, baby girl!

Saturday morning, Adam and I both woke up super early so we decided to go for a walk before it got too hot. (Seriously, we went on a walk at 6:30am on a Saturday. Who are we?) Once everyone else woke up and we ate a yummy breakfast, Adam and I accidentally took a 3 hour nap. Whoops!

That evening was our Baby Shower, and Adam and I hung back with Jude and Nathan while everyone else decorated. 

Look at my little Jude Dude! He is so stinkin' adorable and fun (even when he's just woken up from a long nap.)

We love each other.

So glad Adam got to partake in one of the showers! He's just as much a part of this whole baby thing as me, after all!

Love this pic! All the girls and their babes. (Yes, the boys are matching. And yes, baby girl will be the first girl!)

I'm so glad we were able to spend some quality time with Adam's family and friends at the shower. We are so lucky to have our baby girl loved by so many!

After church on Sunday, we decided to go to Grant's Farm before Adam and I had to head to the airport. 

I can't stop staring at this picture - it is just too, too cute! Love these boys.

We came to Grant's Farm when we were in town for Amy and David's wedding back in 2010, and one of these little baby goats tried to eat my ponytail! You can pay $1 to feed them a bottle, but they were all pretty full. Look, Kelsey made it out alive without being eaten.

Bahahahah. Adam and a camel both smiling for the picture.

Grant's Farm was actually the original home/land of the Anheuser-Busch family, and it's where the Budweiser Clydesdales live! Those bad boys are huge

After a day at the farm, it was time for us to head home (smelling like a farm  - sorry, other passengers.)

And since we're such grownups, Adam met me for lunch at Flip Burger yesterday. Yep, we met for lunch on a workday. Such adults!

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