More Baby Prep (Shocking!)…And Other Things

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

If we keep up our current pace, and our baby girl is going to be here before we know it! We actually went through all the remaining weeks, and we're busy all the way up to August from here on out. Crazy!

We had a family fun day at the tennis courts last week - as my dad and Adam were randomly selected to play each other in tennis. It was a fun game to watch, and Adam came out victorious!

I made them pose with Perrier, of course. They're basically part of the French Open!

Adam and I had been counting down to Thursday for weeks. We had tickets to the opening of Jurassic World! We bought the tickets back in April or May, and were so excited. Even with my expectations so high, I was not disappointed! Three cheers for the Raptor Gang and Chris Pratt!

Adam's a big fan of soccer when it's conveniently on. (Which means he only watches the World Cup.) Lucky for us, we're in the middle of the Women's World Cup! Doug and Aimee joined us at Elbow Room on Friday to watch the US tie Sweden (I think…).

We "tried" to get stuff done in the nursery on Saturday, but ended up just sitting in there and making Hank try on her tutu. We could not stop laughing.

Then I decided to do story time with the dogs. Look how excited they are! (Yes, that's Hank trying to escape by crawling under the crib.)

We also put up the book shelves, and I love the way they came out! I think we're going to do frames/decoration things on the top shelf, hence its current empty state.

The time has finally come. I can't paint my own toenails. Adam was actually super adorable and pretty excited to get to paint them for me. And he did an amazing job. Seriously. Didn't get outside the lines once!

We celebrated Father's Day early since we'll be in St. Louis next week. I made Adam his favorite breakfast, Eggs Benedict! I tried a new recipe for the Hollandaise this time and it was totally different. (FYI - Adam prefers the more old-fashioned way.) He asked for some tennis shirts, and then I also made him a binder to keep his church bulletins in. 

Debbie's Book Club/longtime friends threw me a beautiful baby shower that same day. How beautiful is this chalkboard? I want it for myself!

Thank you, Cheri and Michelle!

Obligatory tummy pose.

I can't even handle this amazing quilt that Meagan made her (favorite) niece! It is so beautiful and made with so much love! And it even matches her nursery! I can't stop staring at it.

Needless to say, it was another fun week in the books! Now we just have to get through this work week and it's off to St. Louis to celebrate with Adam's family!

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