Jude's First Sleepover

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

At Meagan and Nathan's final baby shower on August 31, 2014, I vividly remember them telling us about a wedding they had to go to on June 27, 2015. Adam and I immediately "shotgunned" it, and put it on the calendar. Fast forward to June 26, 2015 (ok, so we took him a day early) - and our big night of nephew-sitting was upon us! 

Let's walk through our first baby sleepover, shall we? (I thought I took so many pictures, but now that I'm walking through it in my head, I totally didn't.)

First, we crawl all over the place, play with toys and have very loud conversations that adults don't understand. Then, we eat dinner! Lucky for everyone involved,  Judey Booty eats real people food - so he got to partake in Chicken and Broccoli Casserole.

We make sure to wash our hands after we play with the dogs. (We don't know how to wash baby hands, so he basically got drenched.)

Only the fanciest water for our nephew. (Also, he won't drink out of a sippy cup, so it's kind of hilarious to watch him try to drink anything other than his bottle.)

Around 8:30pm we drink our bottle, decide not to cooperate during a short-lived story time and then immediately pass out in our cousin's Pack n Play. (Adam got to set up sweet girl's new Pack N Play for him to sleep in. So fun!!)

At 9:30pm, nervous Aunt Lizzie checks to make sure the little one still breathing. (This is normal, right?)

Fast forward to 8:30am (yes, 12 hours later), and the little monster finally decides to wake up. Aunt Lizzie's been not so patiently waiting to play for at least 45 minutes. 

We decide to drink our bottle and lounge in Aunt Lizzie & Uncle Adam's bed, because we're basically on vacation.

Ok, bottle party is over. We're ready for real food! Uncle Adam runs to the store to grab a few ingredients for pancakes. PANCAKES!

The best helper.

"I don't know why Uncle Adam won't let me play with the stove! I thought he was the Cool Uncle??"

"Ok, he is the cool uncle. He made Star Wars pancakes!"

Eeeeek! He was so much fun, and I'd totally be down for weekly sleepover parties! I mean, twelve hour stretches of sleep? This parenting thing is going to be so easy! (Hahahahaha)

A huge thank you to Meagan and Nathan for trusting us with your sweet boy! After all, you only had ten months to get used to the idea. :)

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