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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I don't think Meagan and Kelsey were going for a Parisian theme at baby girl's first shower, but I needed a cute blog title and the favors were macaroons - so we're going with it!

Adam and I had been so looking forward to our first baby shower on May 31! Even though he didn't actually get to participate (sorry, you're a guy!) - he was just as excited. What made it even more exciting is that our baby girl's amazing aunts - Meagan and Kelsey - were throwing it! Kelsey and I threw Meagan a shower for Jude, and I was so honored when they asked if they could do the same for me.

Let me preface by saying Meagan is the most crafty person I know. And not just your everyday crafter - everything she does looks so perfect you would think it was made by a machine and cost a ton of money. Both her and Kelsey went above and beyond to make the shower so beautiful and fun (and delicious!).

Pink and gold everything! It was so beautiful, these pictures don't even begin to do it justice.

The guests were told to write a note to me or the babe. Adam and I loved reading all the sweet words when we got home!

Headband making station! So cute!

I should have taken an after photo of all the headbands hanging up!

The cutest favors! Macaroons that said "So sweet of you to join us."

I think Mom was just as excited as me!

I mentioned once that we're going to put a picture of a lamb in her nursery, and my dad took that as his cue to buy up every lamb thing he can find! He's so cute. :)

Caroline, Sara Emily and April made it to the shower! I used to babysit the girls another lifetime ago. Caroline was only 4 and Sara Emily was 9… Now Sara Emily just graduated from high school and I'm having a baby! Life moves crazy fast, people.

Grateful doesn't even begin to describe my feelings for all the hard work these two put into making the shower so perfect and beautiful. Adam and I are so excited that our baby girl gets to grow up knowing, loving and learning from two of the most amazing women we know. THANK YOU!!

And let's end this post with a picture of Jude, because seriously - could this get any cuter?

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