Aiden: Ten Months

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

I can't believe our girl is in the double digits - ten months old. In the past month, she's really gone from being a baby to a curious little maniac!

  • She's become very vocal. If she's not ba-ba-babbling, she's probably letting out an ear-piercing shriek of excitement. We mostly hear a lot of ba-ba and ya-ya. With the occasional da-da. No ma-ma...yet.
  • She does this thing where she blows air out, like she's trying to make spit bubbles - but without the spit. She usually does it when she's concentrating really hard. It's adorable.
  • Our little water baby had a big month - her first time in the pool and to the beach! She loves them both.
  • She's still so ticklish, and will start giggling if you even get close to her belly. 
  • She likes to blow raspberries on my arm, and successfully gave me a hickey. 
  • She has a cowlick on the back of her head, which gives her the cutest bedhead in the morning.
  • She eats like a teenager. I'm pretty sure if I put food in front of her all day, she wouldn't stop eating. We haven't really found anything she doesn't like - except apple sauce and raspberries. We gave her a lime, and I had really high expectations of a YouTube-worthy sour face... of course, she liked it.
  • She sits like a proper lady in her highchair. NOT. She always has her knees up, and when we're out to eat she can somehow maneuver herself to sit in the high chair completely backwards.
  • She could probably win a gold medal in the Baby Crawling Olympics. The girl can get around. She's also been cruising around the furniture, and every once in awhile she'll let go and stand for a few seconds. Until she realizes what she did and plops down.
  • She's slowly transitioning from a bird-flapping wave to an actual wave. It's really cute. She'll stick her hand out and just stare as she tries really hard to wave only her hand and not her whole arm. 
  • She gives out (few and far between) kisses! I've only gotten a handful, and Adam hasn't gotten any. It was his only Father's Day wish, and she didn't deliver. 
  • She has figured out she can take her headbands and hair bows off. Sad day for this mama.
  • Her favorite games include: "Let's pull all my diapers off the shelf and try to eat them" and "Quick! Mom turned her back, let's go splash in the dog's water bowl and try to eat their food." We also enjoy the frequent game of "catch". I roll her a little ball and she'll throw it back to me. (Using "back to me" loosely.)
It is so fun to watch her explore new things. You can tell she's really trying to figure things out now. We are so proud of our happy, smart, beautiful, curious little girl. Watching your baby get older really is bittersweet, in the best way. On one (small) hand, I miss my completely dependent little cherub. On the other (much larger) hand, it is absolutely amazing to watch your little human grow and learn. We thank God daily for our little Aidy Grace!

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