Here's to hoping

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Here's to hoping I can jump back on this blog train. I'm not even going to try to catch up from the last real update I did, so here is just a random collection of recent events.

Adam's first Father's Day! We are so thankful for this amazing leader of our family.

Celebrating with my dad... and his dad! (And Mitch? Get outta the picture!)

This little chick continues to make our lives and hearts so full. I mean, those little piggie tails? Can you even handle the cuteness?

Our neighbor has a beautiful garden and let us come pick from it! Really makes me want one.

Our neighbors on both sides have little girls, and it's so fun that they're finally getting to the age where we can do things together. We went to the Riverside Sprayground with Finleigh a couple weeks back. Lots of fun!

Aiden loves the water!

Too cool for school! (Please hold, I'm going to go eat her face off.)

And finally, we celebrated Kelly's birthday with Baby Chicky's first boat ride!

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