Aiden: 11 Months

Thursday, July 28, 2016

We were helping out in the church nursery the other week, and a more seasoned mom was telling me about a friend of hers who had NINE children. This individual said that ten months was always his favorite age, and I guess he would know. I have to agree - this past month was just so much fun! She's such a little human, and so interactive. Ugh, I just want to squeeze her and kiss all day every day!

"I'm 11 months old?? You're killin' me, Smalls!"

  • She realizes she's a part of her environment, not just a spectator. It's fascinating to watch her explore and take in new things.
  • I worked in church nursery with her one morning, and it was crazy to watch my girl interacting with other kids and playing with toys. Where did my baby go?
  • She's such a sweet, happy baby and she loves to laugh.
  • Speaking of her laugh, sometimes she erupts into baby giggles (oh, my heart), but a lot of time she just has these breathy "ha ha"s. It's hilarious. 
  • She's started crawling up the stairs at Nonna's and Grandma's. Of course, we're always close behind.
  • She can really wave now, opening and closing her fingers. We've noticed she rarely waves hello or goodbye, but will do it at the most random times. Making it even more adorable.
  • She's curious about everything, which means she's constantly getting into everything. Her favorites are pulling books off shelves, pulling candles off the entertainment center, pulling everything out of her diaper organizer (and trying to eat her diapers - weirdo), pulling all of her clothes out of her drawers (and putting them back again), trying to eat the ottoman (and anything else she can grab and put in her mouth), turning Adam's XBox on and off... it's exhausting and fun!
  • She always gags on her food... and then laughs. She finds herself hilarious (so do we!).
  • Speaking of food, she is still a great eater! She loves scrambled eggs, bananas, watermelon, mac and cheese... anything! Thinking about it now, I really can't think of anything she won't eat!
  • Recently she's decided she wants to share. As much as I love for her to feed me her half-eaten, mashed up food - it's pretty gross. She also wants to share all her food with dogs. ALL of it.
  • She loves to play "hide and seek". We'll put a blanket over our head and she'll come rushing over to rip it off. (It's also my handy dandy tool when she goes crawling down the hallway and I'm being lazy and want her to come back to her room. Just throw the blanket on my head and back she comes!)
  • The other day, she accidentally slammed our (heavy) wedding album on her hand. She didn't realize what she had done and she gave us the most ridiculous look. Adam and I could not stop laughing. (Don't worry, she was just fine!)
  • On a similar note, she loves opening and closing books. Usually, when you ask her to open (or close) it, she will. Such a genius! 
  • We all survived our first weekend away from her! She spent two nights with Nonna and Papa and two nights with Grandma and Grandpa. I'm sure she wasn't spoiled at all
  • She had her first post-Kawasaki fever... and we didn't freak out! I was interested to see how I would react, and I'm glad I didn't have terror flashbacks or anything. It was just a little bug, and she was quickly over it. However, my mom, Jude and I all got strep within the same week! 
  • She loves my jewelry - especially earrings and necklaces... anything she can pull.
  • She's a crawling machine and has started to stand on her own! She's also started doing this silly bear crawl. Hard to believe it's only a matter of time until she'll be walking around.
  • She just started clapping and dancing, and - oh my gosh - just thinking about it makes me want to go wake her up and eat her little face off!
  • She went to Story Time with Grandma, Aunt Meagan and Jude - so I decided to find one near our house. We went a couple weeks ago, and she had a blast! (Now, if I can just find some mom friends in there...)
  • Jude is her bestest friend in the whole world, and watching them together is the greatest thing, ever. Recently, he thinks that Aiden lives in a birdhouse at their home. He goes up to it and says "Aida house." I giggle every time I think of the story, because it's the CUTEST THING, EVER. Can't wait for the next Baby Causey to join the party in December!
  • She still nursed in the morning and at night up until last week. I still haven't accepted it, to be honest. She just decided on her own that she was over me at night. Then this past weekend I found out I'm allergic to penicillin and broke out in a National Geographic-worthy full body rash. They put me on steroids and told me I couldn't nurse. So that was the end of morning feedings, too. Once I'm off the meds, I'm going to force her to nurse one more time so I can soak it in. (Am I crazy? Mayyyybe!)
  • She's weighing in at 19.5 pounds and 28" tall.

Here are some videos of the fun we've been up to this month:
Jude + Aiden = BFFs (kinda):
Her first attempt at sharing - oops:
She loves the water, and keeps dunking herself:
Sweet dance moves!

I mean, there are no words. This chick dominates every moment of our life and every inch of our brain space, and we wish there was more she could take up! We love every thing about her. She is the greatest and we are humbled by God's goodness through her everyday.

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