Surf City

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Our long-awaited family reunion in Surf City, NC is now over, and we're still trying to adjust to normal life (a month later). With 34 big personalities in one house for seven nights, I think we were all a little nervous on how that would play out. Surprisingly (to probably all of us), it could not have gone better!

Even though check-in wasn't until 3pm on Saturday, June 4, us Bakers hit the road at 4:30am. We figured it would be best if we could slowwwwly, gentlyyyy, quietllly move Aiden from her crib to her carseat and let her get in a few more hours of snoozing. Of course, the second she realized I had picked her up she woke up. She screamed getting put in her carseat and the first 10 or so minutes. Then she was OUT until about 7:45am.

I think we did ok!

We made a few pit stops to break the trip up for her, and she did amazing. We were so excited and proud! The trip was supposed to take seven hours, and even with our multiple stops we made it in nine. It was actually a pretty enjoyable ride!

Our first stop was Waffle House in Lexingston, SC. Adam was so excited - Aiden's first Waffle House experience! Of course, our little garbage disposal loved it.

Our second (and final) stop was at a Rest Area where we hung out and watched some geese for awhile.

We finally arrived at 99 Oleander Ct right after 1pm! The cleaning crew was still there, but - as you can see - there was a place for us to hang out while they finished.

View from the porch... take me back!

Slowly but surely, everyone made their way in! I think the final crew arrived right around 7pm.

We spent the week doing a lot of relaxing... it was exhausting. :)

Aiden loved the beach, as long as she was in her little pool. The first time down there, she tried to eat a handful of sand. We can all guess how well that went. Once I stuck a paci in her mouth, she was set. (We usually reserve pacis only for naps and bedtime, but it helped keep the sand and salt out of her mouth. Win!)

The beach is exhausting!

AG and her godfather

Uncle Mitchhhh

Waves with daddy

We loved being able to re-create this photo - 15 years later!

Spent some time walking the beach with Aiden on our last night. I also got leg extenders!

The guys went golfing one morning and fishing another time. The only "excursion" Aiden and I participated in was a trip to the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehab Center. Anna told me about this probably a year ago, and it was the only thing I really wanted to do. Michael, Maggie, Emma and Brody joined Aiden and I for the day - it was pretty cool!

Tuesday night we surprised Granny with a bunch of family pictures.

Gigi with her great-grandbabies.

The whole crew.

Granny/Nana/Mema/Gigi with the grandkids and great-grandies.

And as the best ending to the best trip, Jeff proposed to Katie on Saturday night!! We got the FaceTime call a couple hours after had made it back to Atlanta. Let the celebrations begin!!

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