12-14 Weeks

Saturday, February 28, 2015

I just realized I'll be pregnant for (at least) 40 weeks. Who wants an entire blog post on all of those? Probably no one - so let's simplify, people.

12 weeks: February 3

Baby's the size of a: Large plum and most of his/her critical systems are formed - now it's time to grow, grow, grow!

Total weight gain: Nothing, yet. But I'm sure it's on it's way with all of the Frostys I've been eating. Oops.

Sleep: Still sleeping a LOT.

Best moment of this week: Telling more of our friends this past weekend and showing everyone our latest ultrasound pictures!

Miss anything: Hm, nope.

Food cravings: Same. Wendy's Frosty, FroYo, Smoothie King, PB&J sandwiches… you know, really healthy stuff.

Anything making you queasy or sick: I've successfully made it an entire week without throwing up! Each week I'm feeling better and better.

Symptoms: Still feeling sick now and then, but excited that I'm getting my energy back. Starting to get daily headaches, which is super fun. The last couple nights I haven't had to get up to pee - small victories!

Have you started to show yet: No, but my abdomen area is starting to feel hard (and not in the "I've got abs!" kind of way). Every morning I wake up hoping there's a little bump!

Gender: Our doctor won't do a gender ultrasound until week 18-20, and I don't feel like waiting that long. I've heard great things about an ultrasound place in Kennesaw, so I made a gender appointment for Feb 25! If bebe cooperates, we're going to do a fun little gender reveal at my parents' on Saturday, Feb 28. Adam still really thinks it's a girl, and I'm starting to think it's definitely a boy. We shall see!

Happy or moody most of the time: Meh, depends.

Looking forward to: Boy or girl?? I want to knowww!

13 Weeks: February 10

Baby's the size of a: sweet lil Georgia Peach and already has fingerprints!

Total weight gain: Ok, I'm getting rid of this question. Who cares???

Sleep: Other than our dogs trying to kill us from lack of sleep while staying at my parents' this weekend.... fine. I could still sleep all day, though.

Best moment of this week: We celebrated a high school friend's birthday this weekend, and it was fun to chat about Chip with everyone. Adam played baseball with the guys, and they were all actually really sweet! I figured they probably wouldn't even touch the subject, but they all congratulated me and had some pretty good questions! They also gave me a hard time when it was time to do birthday tequila shots. I think my favorite reaction was our friend Jeff Cochran - "Wow! Congrats on the intentional pregnancy!"

Miss anything: Sushi!

Food cravings: They're not as intense. Re: I've finally found enough self control to not get a Frosty every time one sounds good.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Still feeling sick every now and then, but it typically doesn't last too long and is pretty manageable. Woo hoo!

Symptoms: Chocolate is starting to give me headaches and make me feel bleh. GREAT. I also had some pretty gnarly headaches through the week, but haven't had any in a few days.

Have you started to show yet: No, but only my fat jeans fit me (cool!). I caved and went to Target over the weekend to buy a few things to hold me over. (Thank you Meagan for the advice!) I guess I never really thought of the in-between stage; my old clothes don't fit, but I'm not big enough for real maternity clothes, yet.  

Gender: Just over two weeks until we find out! Every day I feel more and more like it's a boy, and Adam is still sold on it being a girl.

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy! A friend of mine said this the other week and it really made me smile. "I loved being pregnant! No matter what kind of day I had, if work sucked, whatever - I always knew I was doing something very important... growing a baby!"

Looking forward to: Trying to take it day by day and stop spending so much time thinking about two weeks from now, six months from now, five years from now. Just soaking in this time with Adam and the pooches - and our very lazy weekends in front of the TV.

14 Weeks: February 17

Baby's the size of a: Lemon and is sucking his/her thumb!

Sleep: Pretty good! The dogs officially don't sleep on the bed with us anymore, so that has been amazing for both Adam and I.

Best moment of this week: I'm officially in my second trimester!

Miss anything: Still just sushi.

Food cravings: They've toned down a lot, which is nice. Sweets still always sound good.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Riding in car instead of driving. Also, my body decided to try to kill me yesterday - I was so sick. Hoping it was the final hoorah before my first trimester ended.

Symptoms: My abdomen is pretty achy, apparently it's normal since I'm growing a HUMAN in there. Gotta stretch out!

Have you started to show yet: To me, yes. To anyone else, no - just fat. My fat jeans now don't even button. I bought one of those bands to keep your pants up without a button (ew), and it seems to be working.

Gender: We find out next week!

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!

Looking forward to: Seeing our sweet chip at the gender ultrasound next week.

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