Baby's First Photoshoot

Saturday, February 28, 2015

(Written January 6)

Adam and I were so excited for our first doctor's appointment on Tuesday, Dec 30! It was probably the longest three weeks, ever. Only two weeks away! One week away! 100 hours away! Tomorrow! TODAY!

Up first was our transvaginal ultrasound (sorry for the TMI!). We immediately saw our little Chip! It was very surreal - mainly because we were in the room for a total of 90 seconds. Seriously, it was a pretty big let down! We got to hear the heartbeat ("good, strong 139") for maybe 3 seconds. We were sent to another waiting room when it was over and we kind of stared at each other. It all happened so quick we didn't even have time to really process it… or ask the technician to grow a heart and be a little excited since it's our first PREGNANCY! Whatever - moving on.

There's our little chip!

After waiting in another waiting room, we finally met our Doctor. I picked a new OB-GYN office closer to our house so it was our first time meeting her. So far, we love her! She was hilarious and very straight forward about everything. And I quote… "I'm tired of pregnant women thinking they're china dolls! I was 37 and 40 when I had my kids and all I gave up was sushi and alcohol. I still had my big ass cup of coffee every morning and I ran 3 miles a day." Amen, sister! (Except for the coffee and exercise part.) They also moved my due date to August 18 - I'm measuring a week later than we thought. Kind of a bummer, but my lucky number is 8… so how perfect is 8/18?! She also prescribed me Diclegis for my morning sickness. LIFE SAVER.

Let's move more into "morning" sickness, shall we? The first week and half or so after finding out, I had no symptoms. I'm pretty sure I said I had heartburn or indigestion, but it was barely anything. I just wanted to sound like I had some proof that there was a baby in my belly. I feel very at peace with this pregnancy and am loving growing closer to God during the process… but I still prayed every night for some sort of symptoms so I would know it was real. Especially because our doctor's appointment felt so far away.

We-eee-eee-eeell, ask and you shall receive. Morning sickness came on full force about the end of the fifth week - two days after we got back from New York and two days before I was flying to Texas to drive back with Katie. And "morning" sickness is a cruel joke - it is all day long. I have a pretty high pain tolerance, for real, and this brought me to my knees. (Well, technically my back. On my bed. All day.) At first I basically just felt mildly hungover all day, everyday. I flew to Texas and the drive back was doable. A little nauseous when I wasn't driving, but I tried to keep something in my stomach. The day after Christmas it showed its REAL ugly face. I was miserable all day - think your worst hangover - and throwing up about every other day. As we got closer to the doctor appointment, it was the worst. The two days leading up to the appointment I couldn't keep anything down. Throwing up nothingness and bile all day. I lost about 5 pounds in a week. Normally, that would make me feel very hair-flip-worthy. It was miserable and I felt like I was starving my poor bebe! Well, Diclegis saved my life. I still get very tired, very fast and have had a couple days where I feel meh and throw up. But for the most part, I feel fine! And might I add - even if I didn't have the meds, the sickness would be 110% worth it!

Also, I found my new pregnancy mantra. I'm reading Amy Poehler's book, Yes Please, and just finished her chapter about her pregnancy. "Good for her! Not for me." Everyone's pregnancy/delivery/etc. is different. Not my place to judge anyone else's journey - you're growing a human and that's pretty amazing… GOOD FOR YOU!

Ok, that's it for now. I'm now 8 weeks - only 32 to go! (Haha, right around the corner?)

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