Week 5

Saturday, February 28, 2015

When I lived at home my first year after college, my mom would always have a drink waiting for me when I got home (why did I ever move out?). So needless to say, my mom and I have always been drinking buddies. Not drinking during our visit to NYC without spilling the beans caused me a little anxiety, but I pulled it off!

Lunch, Day 1
My mom went to the bathroom and asked me to order her a glass of Pinot. As soon as she got up, I flagged down the waiter.

Me: "Hi! My mom wants a glass of Pinot and I'm pregnant. I'm not telling my parents until Christmas, so can you bring me a tonic water with lime and say it's a vodka tonic when you bring it back?"

Waiter [with big eyes]: "Yes! Let's do a cranberry juice with tonic water so it looks like there's vodka in it!" (He then proceeded to tell me how his sister just found out she's pregnant with twins and maybe I'll have twins! I appreciated his enthusiasm.)

When he came back with the drinks.... "Here's your glass of Pinot and here's your VODKA cranberry." When I finished my drink... "Do you want another VODKA cranberry?" Hahah, he was too cute. Then we got the bill and of course my mom noticed we weren't charged for the vodka. I made up some ridiculous story how the waiter smirked at me when he dropped off the check, so maybe he gave it to me for free because I'm cute. (Making that story up almost caused me to have morning sickness - so dumb! haha)

Dinner, Night 1
We walked into Tribeca Grill and headed for the crowded bar. I told my parents I wanted to buy the first round of drinks (so I could order myself a non-alc drink without them knowing). Of course, my mom says she'll help me since I can't carry three drinks by myself. UGH. I ordered a vodka tonic and kept pretending to sip it. I excused myself to the bathroom and made a bee line for the hostess stand.

Me: "Hi, I'm pregnant and my parents don't know yet. I'm going to keep ordering vodka tonics, but can the waitress just bring me tonic and lime?"

I knew this one had a lot of room for error, so I was pretty nervous. When we sat down at our table, I told our waitress "I think the bartender accidentally gave me a vodka club soda - is there any way you can bring me a vodka tonic?" She came back with a TONIC AND LIME and we made eye contact and smiled. It worked! I ordered two more "Vodka tonics" at the dinner table and it went off flawlessly. However, I knew it would look weird if we weren't charged for the vodka (again), so I went to the bathroom and thanked our waitress profusely - and asked her to charge us for the vodka. (Sorry, dad! I think it was worth it.)

Drinks, Night 2
The Carlyle Hotel bar was so packed, there was no way I was going to be able to find someone to tell my story to. I ordered a Pellegrino to start out (because I was "so thirsty". But really, I was.) and of course Christine arrived and said "What is this??? Are you PREGNANT??" Thanks a lot! However, the man upstairs was clearly looking out for me. I ordered a vodka tonic, and the waiter came back with a small glass with the vodka in it and my own bottle of tonic! I drowned that bad boy in tonic water and kept topping it off. I'm sure I did have a sip or two of vodka, but I think bebe will survive!

Dinner, Night 2
I ordered a glass of red wine and took a few sips. But I really was so exhausted at that point that I couldn't even fake to drink it anymore. Dad saved the day and downed it for me.

Overall, I DID IT and I don't think there's anyway my parents knew otherwise. So sneaky. :)


(as of Friday, Dec 19)

Total weight gain: None. Well, probably a few from all the food I ate in NYC.

Stretch marks: Still nope.

Sleep: Same as always. The dogs take over the bed, and I work my way around them.

Best moment of this week: Baby's first trip to NYC (in my tummy, of course).

Miss anything: Not yet.

Food cravings: Nope. I still don't have much of an appetite.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing in particular. Just feel like I have a little hangover on and off throughout the day. Fun times!

Symptoms: Starting to feel sick here and there. Nothing too terrible.

Have you started to show yet: Nope.

Gender: TBD! I think it's a boy, Adam thinks it's a girl. I thought I would really be hoping for one or the other - but I honestly am totally indifferent! I'll be thrilled with either.

Happy or moody most of the time: Mostly happy! But I have my moody moments.

Looking forward to: Telling our parents on Christmas Eve!

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